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Here's what others are saying about Success Unlimited...

These strategies have been proven to help hundreds of companies achieve dramatic and highly sustainable growth. Working with Success Unlimited and these strategies could be the most profitable investment you ever make in your company.

But don’t just take our word for it.

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44% increase...

“What can I say except that it's great to have you on board as part of our team. I well remember my hesitancy in hiring yet another consultant. I'm very glad I took the leap of faith! Your Success Unlimited Marketing program is great. The program combined with your hands-on approach and experience helped us turn a 16% decline in sales into a 44% increase within 12 months. Thanks Rob, your contribution to Logotex has been tremendous!”

Anne Carroll/ Owner - Logotex Ltd.

More than quadrupled the overall response...

“Rob's marketing system has had a tremendous impact on many areas of our business, both in terms of increased sales and revenues. Rob's approach, concepts and systems combined with his great implementation and management of our plan has more than quadrupled the overall response of our promotions.”

Mike Hirata / Owner - Foto Fun Image Centre

Very focused, well run marketing program...

“Success Unlimited Sales & Marketing Group has been an indispensable part of our marketing efforts. Rob and his team are responsible for changing our inconsistent and somewhat erratic effort into a very focused, well run marketing program. What I like most about Rob's approach is his emphasis on logic, clarity and systemization. His insights towards business and marketing are always timely and powerful. I would definitely recommend Success Unlimited to anyone looking to improve their marketing program.”

Joseph Lindgren / Owner - Lincor Enterprises Ltd

Greater revenues, an increase in customer loyalty and responsiveness...

“Through the design and implementation of the Success Unlimited Marketing System, Rob has definitely brought a level of sophistication and direction to our marketing efforts. Since teaming up with Rob and his team, I am happy to report that we have enjoyed greater revenues, an increase in customer loyalty and responsiveness and have a much more unique and differentiating position in the marketplace. I am very pleased with the work we have done and continue to do.”

Peter Moore / President - Moore Security

The true meaning of accountable and measurable marketing...

“From a marketing point of view, Rob and his systems have transformed the way we do and see things in our business. This new mindset has opened our eyes to the true meaning of accountable and measurable marketing. Working with Rob and his powerful concepts have resulted in a 25% increase in sales revenues which translates into a $163,000 increase to our bottom line profit.”

Werner Budau / Sales Manager - Stilewood International Mfg. Ltd.

Timely, real world and profitable solutions...

“Being in the marketing industry myself, it’s my job to be on top of things, knowing who’s out there doing what and when, who’s innovating and who’s getting results, you are definitely at the top your field and your ability shines in everything we work on. Whether it’s rebranding my company, writing or critiquing copy, helping me with a strategy, campaign or system, you always come through with timely, real world and profitable solutions and advice. It is a great relief to know that we are working together and I have access to your expertise whenever I call or email. Thanks to the work we are doing together my company is more focused, disciplined, on-track and successful.”

Hartland Ross – eBridge Marketing Solutions

A great value to my company...

“I am so glad that I met Rob! After more than 15 years in business, it took us only a few weeks to take control of the growth and direction of the company. I now have both short and long-term goals as well as action plans to achieve them. My business has grown exactly how I wanted it to grow. I am now quoting on more opportunities than I have ever had in my business. I enjoy Rob's insights and enthusiasm. He answers all my questions and delivers hands-on solutions to a multiple of new situations that we encountered in our new phase of business. His support is a great value to my company. Thank you Rob it is great to have you part of my team and I look forward to working on other projects together. ”

Elena Rivera – Rivera Design Group

Moving forward faster than I could have ever imagined...

“Deciding to work with Rob has been one of the best things I have ever done to develop and grow my business. As a result of Rob’s guidance, I finally feel focused and in control. I have a clear and compelling vision. I have strategies, systems and processes in place as well as implementation tools required for my many different prospect and client interactions. Most importantly, Rob has given me the confidence, encouragement and support to go out and put all these wonderful things to use and make things happen for me and my business.


His timely insights and ability to quickly assess and troubleshoot a situation is invaluable. He is a joy to work with, he makes marketing fun and I look forward to each session. I get the feeling that Rob truly cares about me, my company and its success. Because of Rob and his program, my business is on a solid foundation, it is better established and moving forward faster than I could have ever imagined. 

Thanks Rob, your positive impact on me and my company has been truly awesome!”

Barbara Bell – Barbara Bell, CA and Associates

A bigger, more inspiring vision for my business...

“My comfort zone used to be to simply sit down at my desk and “get into action.” To react to whatever emails or phone messages had come in or what client meetings where scheduled. I accomplished a lot, but didn’t really feel a connection to my business vision. Working with Rob has helped me to build a bigger, more inspiring vision for my business and then to navigate from that vision. By helping me create a regular strategic planning session, Rob has taught me to lift my head up from the emails and phone messages and ask the question “what’s the most valuable use of my time?” He challenges me to build the habit of setting time aside strictly for “working on the business.” Together, we have achieved some wonderful results. At this point I am happy to report my quote to close ratio in securing initial sessions with potential clients has increased 120% and we have developed several systems which ensure that even if I’m busy delivering my services to a client, I’ll still be in regular contact with my network. And that’s essential if I want to survive out there. Rob’s dedication and enthusiasm to my mission are unfaltering. I wouldn’t (and don’t) hesitate recommending him to anyone.”

Christina Sestan, CPCC – Citrus Coaching Solutions