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Strategic Advisory

Strategic Advisory Programs

The strategic advisory program is a one-on-one 90-day accelerated results initiative available for entrepreneurs, small business owners, self employed professionals, marketing managers, sales managers and top sales people.

Combining the power of consulting, training, advanced coaching and mentoring, the Strategic Advisory Programs are designed to empower you with the direction, focus, training, support, tools and accountability you need to achieve the business goals you desire – far quicker and easier than you could have ever dreamed possible. A personal one-one-one program:

Robert Ciccone will be your personal advisor, consultant, coach and mentor throughout your Strategic Advisory Program. Rob brings a 16-year proven track record to the program, with extensive experience in front-line sales, management, marketing and business building.

In addition to his real-world experience and formal studies in business and economics, Rob’s personal studies in management, training, psychology, coaching, communication, personal development and peak performance have enabled him to run and manage the business and marketing operations of national and international multi-million dollar companies.

In these powerful programs, Rob works with you to challenge and support you in attaining the results you desire and deserve in your business.

The following are key steps in the Strategic Advisory Program regardless of which program you choose:


The 7-Phase Strategic Advisory Process

This is the starting point of every program. It is the process of clearly identifying and understanding the short and long term targets of the program, the steps to take on our way to achieving our targets, how success will be measured, what is to be expected and the roles of everyone involved. Together we will develop an absolute clarity about where you are now and where you are going, what you want to achieve, the strengths and weaknesses we are working with as well as the opportunities and threats that lie ahead.

This is where the organizing principles for future program activities are developed. In this phase, we develop your plan and deliberately choose our set of activities, tactics and methods of action. Here we bridge the gap between where we are now, where we want to go and decide how to get there.

During this phase we work on developing the tools required, obtaining necessary skills, as well as gathering the information needed for the successful implementation of your program.

“Plan your work and work your plan” – we’ve all heard and know the adage. Yet unimplemented ideas are still one of the biggest challenges small businesses face today. This part of the process is where we address this “failure to implement”. We do this by systematically building into your program an effective and efficient coordination of activities. We deal in advance with potential distractions, procrastination and we incorporate clear lines of responsibility.

At the end of the day how do you know if you’ve been successful? Measurement is a critical element to your strategic advisory program. Your entire program is based on clear, measurable, time-bound and prioritized results. This is achieved by establishing and incorporating clear measurements of success and accountability at every stage in the program.

This part of the process is where we analyze what we are getting from our actions. We determine if what we are doing is moving us closer or further away from accomplishing our goals. We then work at enhancing what is working, then adjusting and fine tuning the things that may not be working as well as we’d like.

As various results are achieved throughout the program and as successful ways to accomplish tasks are perfected, the focus of the program shifts to establishing various “systematic processes”. The result of this will be realized in improved performance, efficiencies and success duplication – transforming your company, department or role into an efficient system that produces predictable results while saving you time and money.

How the Program Works

Custom Strategic Advisory
Rob works with a limited number of advisory program clients at one time. He only accepts clients who he feels will best gain from his expertise and support. Each program and consultation is tailored to fit the client’s needs, level of background and type of industry. If you and your company qualify, the program will unfold as follows:

    1. Free initial analysis meeting.
    2. Enrollment and first session scheduling.
    3. Pre-work preparation for your first session.
    4. Half-day intensive “program kick off session”.
    5. Every 7 to 10 days an “in person” meeting or telephone conference call is held./li>
Program Benefits - what you can expect...

To properly diagnose your sales and marketing condition(s) – what is keeping you from moving forward faster, what to do about it and exactly how to get it done.

How to get started in a program
of your own?

It all starts with an up-front, complimentary diagnosis and needs analysis consultation. This meeting includes a simple questionnaire and interview where you and Rob begin the process of learning more about each other, your businesses and the program itself.

This meeting is an opportunity to determine if Rob Ciccone, Success Unlimited and the Strategic Advisory Program is a good fit for your company and whether we can help you achieve the success you desire.

Call Robert Ciccone directly at (604) 535-2111 or by email.

We would love to talk to you and discuss the many ways the Strategic Advisory Program may work for you.